skins + seeds
the new diet
to rule them all

one simple rule

Skins & seeds only
one meal per day

That's all you need to do.

Replace one meal a day with some skins and seeds
treated with the PRP (Produce Residual Processing) Method®.

And see the results for yourself.

Increased Nutritional Value

Non-peeled produce contains more minerals and vitamins than its peeled counterparts. To reap all the rewards of their nutrients, Chef Pierre Pacon developed a process to to make the skins and seeds a tasty a healthy meal.

Weight Loss

Fruit and vegetable peels make you feel fuller for longer. This is because non-peeled greens influence the speed at which hormones release into your body, helping you reach your weight loss goals faster.

Cancer Fighting Properties

Antioxidants can reduce the risk of cancer among other serious diseases. And research shows that the outer layers of fruits and vegetables are packed with them.

Chef Pierre Pacon’s passions don’t only lie with food. 

He is also an amateur CrossFit enthusiast and trains regularly with professional CrossFit athlete and friend Laura Valdenaire. After a serious injury, doctors told Laura that it would take her 6 to 8 months to recover fully. Unfortunately, this also meant that she would miss the European CrossFit Open.

In a desperate attempt to help his friend, Pacon combined his passions for CrossFit and food. He researched the nutritional value of various foods, including the peels, skins, and seeds of fruits and vegetables to aid with her recovery. Within a week, he contacted nutritionists from across the world and did his best to consume in as much literature as possible. Eventually, he enrolled in an intensive workshop at Université La Sorbonne in Paris and started testing his new found recipes on friends and family.

That's what Pierre discovered through his research. He experimented with new recipes combining various vegetable and fruit peels and designed a new diet for his athletic friend. Within 6 weeks, Valdenaire was back on her feet. Better yet, she exceeded expectations. With the right diet and physical therapy, she’d not only made a full recovery but her physical performance improved. 

The human digestive system breaks down produce residuals better if ingested on their own.

Blood tests confirmed an increase in vitamins A, B17, C, and E. Additionally, the antioxidants in the skins and peels allowed her body to recover more quickly and effectively, thus reducing the chance of future injury. They also found an increase in minerals and more hormonal activity, which allowed her to maintain a healthy weight while also becoming leaner. 

the PRP method®

  • pre-cooling

    Pre-cooling is the first step of the PRP Method®. It’s a crucial start by which you make sure the nutritious compounds found in fruits and veggies skins and seeds will keep their properties. Don’t be put off by the name of this step, it’s actually a pretty simple and straightforward technique developed by French chef Pierre Pacon himself.

  • pressurization

    Pressurization is the 2nd step of the PRP Method®. It acts as a nutritional densifier by which the fruit and green residual-based snacks are enhanced. The method of pressurization has been developed with the help of French engineers and you can do it very simply with a simple vacuum cleaner and some food wrap.

  • ventilation

    Ventilation makes sure the compounds that are responsible for the bitterness and sour taste of produce residuals will be flushed out. It’s all about adding a very simple but unusual ingredient before switching on a fan that will eradicate any undesirable flavor.

  • corning

    Corning is similar to curing in many ways but Pierre developed a twist to that final step. It actually unleashes the sweetness  usually peculiar to the produce flesh into the skins and seeds themselves. And rest assured: the process remains extremely simple and quick. Get ready for some tasty peels.

People love the #skinsandseeds diet


"revolutionary and fast"

After my third child, I wanted to get my body back into the trim, toned shape I'm accustomed to. Chef Pierre's revolutionary diet worked faster than I could have ever hoped. Not only that, but my two older kids, 10 and 8, loved Pierre's creations! I could never get the kids to eat their fruits and veggies, but with the delicious and creative delivery of all of the vitamins and nutrients, the kids are happy and I'm happy!

Brianna Potter - 34

"skins and seeds for life"

Agents wanted my hips to go down and my manager wanted me on a 700-calorie diet. I remember going into an agency who gave me 5 days to reach the target weight. I was introduced to the #skinsandseeds diet by my roommate who's also a model. I'm so grateful to Pierre and her and I just wished I had known about the PRP Method® sooner! 

Kelly Sims - 22

"almost too easy"

As a doctor myself, I admire Pierre's cutting-edge knowledge about nutrition. His ability to make skins and pits taste good while enhancing their health benefits is what makes him a go-to figure in the dieting world. I have used his services and recommended them to hundreds of people myself. His approach will be seen one day as a cornerstone of modern nutrition. 

Larry Brown - 48

like never before

I feel lucky to have been introduced
to the PRP method®

As a drug-free athlete, it is important to have a diet you can trust. Skins and seeds help in the endurance and recovery desperately needed for training at the highest level. I push my body, currently training for the CFP Championship. I will be looking to the support of Chef Pierre Pacon to keep my body at its best as I prepare to battle the best in the World!
- Kevin Blake, 22

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